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We like to believe that the name "Aglianico" comes from Elea (Elaia), ancient city and home to the most important philosophical school of the VI century BC. In here, in the land of Parmenides, was born our Locus Amoenus. It is a ruby red wine, with a strong and dense taste, and a genuine, rich and velvety flavour. It reminds us of our wonderful land, the Cilento, an unspoilt hideaway surrounded by smooth hills that go all the way to the sapphire sea. Locus Amoenus is the proud child of the Magna Graecia's philosophical tradition of panta rhei, "everything flows", and flows right from the vineyard into our mouths, fruity and inebriating. It is a lovely pairing for meats and cheese, but it is with roasts and grilled fish that it reveals its natural strength, like a mythological hero. Prosit! (Cheers!)



White fresh and pleasant to the taste harmonic originates from hot vines that overlook the sea. In spring, the sweet and spicy scent of its clusters attracts bees, a sign of the authenticity of the product and territory. Special companion for fish and crustaceans, molluscs and white meat, is delicious with soft cheeses and desserts. Excellent with sweet honey typical of the area.

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