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CURIOSITIES: "Melissa" derives from an ancient greek word meaning "the one who brings honey" (the bee). This concept refers to the fact that these insects are typically attracted by the Fiano vine (Vitis Apicea), due to the sweetness of its grapes - a clear sign of earth salubrity. Furthermore, our land being located upon hills facing Ascea (the ancient Elea), the term is also closely linked to "Melisso", a discipule of Parmenide and the eleatic philosophy.

VINIFICATION: Our vineyards are spread among the hills of Cilento National Park, providing the genuinity of the product.

Composition: fiano(50%), trebbiano, albano, Malvasia.

Exposition to the Sun: north-east Altitude: about 250m above sea level.

Process of maturation: 12 months in steel and further 12 months of refining in bottle. Minimum alcohol content: 12.5%.

Characteristics: Melissa is a bright and golden yellow wine, the odour recalls the ones of flowers and honey, with slight hints of Malvasia. The flavour reminds the freshness and simplicity that reign above our lands.

Pairings: we recommend to use it in conjunction with white meat, shellfish and mollusk dishes. In addition to that, pairing Melissa with desserts may also represent an excellent idea, especially when honey is involved.



Luca Maroni wrote in his "Annuary of the best italian wines (2016)": "The white Melissa 2013 reveals great consistency, a pronounced tenderness and we can clearly appreciate its parfume of limpidity.".


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