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Our logo represents the wonderful geographical area where our farm is situated: the tower of Velia, the ancient city Elea, dating back to the VI century BC, between the bright sea of Ascea and the emerald mount Gelbison. Our farm is right in the heart of this idyllic scenery: a sun-kissed land, calm and tranquil. Moreover, the logo depicts, as if it was a single brush stroke, the letters M and E, for Mauro and Ersilia

The Estate

We own a small familiar business, capable of offering limited yet high-quality products to our customers. What we have for you not only is 100% italian, but also 100% cultivated in our farm. Our history goes back to 1939, when grandfather Aniello bought the land named Principio. Throughout the years, in spite of maintaining its genuine resemblance over time, the farm passed to his children. Mauro, one of them, was particularly fond of the vineyard and the olive groves and devoted his life to their improvement. Today Mauro and Ersilia's sons, thanks to their parents' dedication, are proud to follow their steps. Despite being all committed to different jobs and careers, they are just as much dedicated to the farm and do not forget what they have been taught about "the art of the land". The name of the brand itself, ERMMA, is nothing but the acronym of Mauro, Ersilia and their sons' names. What's now in Mauro's sons' hands will in the future pass onto his grandchildren, who already share their parents' love for the land. The years have passed, the equipments and techniques have improved, but what has not changed is the simple yet beautiful atmosphere and our 100% genuine products. Proponents always the Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO in 2010 in the cultural heritage immaterial humanity', we are always proud of our precious cultural and culinary roots.

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