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Aglianico DOP Cilento

Colour: ruby red with light and barely distinguishable violet reflections, even though they slowly form tiny coloured arches.
Odour: "vinous" and characteristic; a sour cherry scent dominates among the other hints.
Flavour: dry, substantial and sapid. The freshness slowly tends to reveal a pleasant taste of tannin, very well integrated.
Vineyards: pure Aglianico.
Minimum alcohol content: 13.5%
Maximum production: 9500 L/Ha
The vineyard is entirely situated in the district of Ascea (SA), in the location called "Valline del Principio" [...]
Implantation year: 1990
Type of implant: Guyot
Altitude: 210-240m above sea level
Terrain type: calcareous and clayish
Exposition to the sun: north/north-east
Maturation and refining processes: 8 months in steel and the following 12 months in oak barrique.
An important step in the maturation occurs during further 12 months in the usual glass bottle.


Luca Maroni wrote in his "Annuary of the best italian wines (2016)": "...however the flavour itself is the phase of the tasting in which all of its potency is unchained and strikes our senses with thorough strenght and impertinence."

Gastronomic pairings: Locus Amoenus is perfect in combination with red meat dishes, liver, roasted turkey, grilled meat or roast-beef. Moreover, strong-flavoured cheeses such as pecorino. In addition, grilled fish may also be a great idea. In conclusion, may the audacity of Locus Amoenus accompain your evening meals, either enjoying the warmth of the fireplace or relaxing under the shade of an olive tree.

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